“Susie has been such a Godsend. Infertility is a struggle and it’s hard to find someone who understands and just gets it. It’s so great to be able to talk out my struggles and concerns with someone who I feel leads me out of my ruts and helps me cope in ways that I didn’t know I could before. “

– Maternal Mental Health Client


I have been working with Susie for 2 years and couldn’t ask for anyone better. I love that she helps me process everything, but does not do the work for me. Susie gives me the skills to help better myself both now and down the road.”

–  17 yo female adolescent client

“I have been seeing Susie Curtis for just over a year now, and I already know she is a wonderful counselor. She helped me through the difficulties that I was having with my sibling and my friends. She does a spectacular job and I would have many more problems without her assistance. Her “animal assistant” Chomper is a wonderful dog, who loves us kids and adults alike. I really enjoy spending time with Mrs. Curtis and I sincerely hope she can help you as well.”

– 11 yo male child client

“The scariest thing in the world is knowing your child is depressed and has such low self esteem that they no longer want to live. We were in over our heads and didn’t know how to help our daughter who went from bubbly, happy and vivacious to sad, anxious and hopeless seemingly overnight. We are so thankful to have found Susie when we did! She was patient not only with us, but also with our daughter. She gained our trust and my daughter had someone who could help her like we couldn’t. Susie not only guided our daughter through the entire journey, she also guided us; giving us suggestions about how to better address specific situations. Susie brought our daughter back to us and allowed her to begin to believe in herself again. Susie was exactly what we needed when we needed her the most!

– parent of a MTW client